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Of Health & Wellness

The goal of this website is to offer Customers Essential products, vital information and affordable sales prices.

The information will be insightful. This whole website is composed of pieces of wealth—somewhat similar to building blocks —that you can put together to form a Healthy lifestyle.

Check out the wealth of information and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. Press the links to learn more and thoroughly read the information, then begin to apply the Recommendations to your life quickly, without the fear of missing old habits.

To live life more efficiently, never consume all of EVERYTHING, and replace all essential products at least 1 week before Useful life or before the last of anything is used.

… keep products stocked, for Others

who want to buy or sample essential products.

You can become an Affiliate of most companies.

Whether you create your own product or promote products for Others the earning potential is unlimited.

Conversing, thinking and breathing properly are “Healthy blocks” as well, which together form the pieces of wealth, outlined and organized to immediately apply to One’s life.

 Pieces of Wealth

Handling day to day activities and the unexpected with the utmost diligence must be the primary focus of Healthy living.

Hopefully, you’ll find aspects of adding recommendations or implementing health regimens-will become much easier and permanent over time.

Beautiful landscape
If your goals support healthy living, you’ll see “wide” spread change in your Self and your relationships; for good or bad, give it a try.

The information on this site is a collective of Everything I have learned about healthy living online and offline.

You can find all the information you need in one place, online. No need to figure out what the Experts have to say and offer on Eating properly and Exercising regularly.

The Substitute Food

Imagine everything that You once ate, you no longer eat due to the fact you found out the food was genetically altered or that some foods do not digest in your intestine properly.

Well, Dr. Sebi and a host of Others have convinced me, Meat is not good for Us and seedless fruits and veggies are genetically modified foods.

What I gathered on my own is that ‘so called junk foods, include so called healthy foods’.

Try selecting and removing or substituting unhealthiness with healthy foods and meditation techniques immediately.

You must be careful when implementing new foods to your system; like with a toddler, introduce new foods to your system every two weeks, or as recommended by your physician.

The only mistake you can make is believing you won’t like a food, like zucchini or asparagus, because its not properly prepared, you should try it again with a different cook. LOL

Go give it a try, you may discover things you have never known and other things you have never seen before now.

You can add to your arsenal of knowledge the information on this site.

Here’s a short list of what you can currently find on this site:

Natural foods

Meditation techniques

Youtube Videos, Social media post

Offers to purchase El Essential products

And Lists like this one of course 🙂

Meditation is Exercise

A huge benefit of Healthy blocks is that you can take it one step at a time.

You can form new habits in each block that will paint a complete picture of your new healthy  lifestyle.

Do not allow distractions (offers of unnatural/unproductive living) to replace the “Substitutes” you have worked so hard to implement.

Instead of having a lifetime of friends and unsupportive family, find others of like-mind to encourage and remind you of your new commitment of a lifestyle change.

Your support system will endeavor to create a new You, suggest newfound information and build a relationship with your new experience which makes living healthy a rich experience that has steps to take and goals to accomplish.


Your Health network will make it easier to stay on track!

Healthy World, 2018

The information corresponding to Meditation as exercise, provides Others with meditation techniques that exercises  the body, including the mind.

The sources are experts in Yoga and other mental  Calisthenics.

Healthy blocks can be anything you need to live healthy.

For instance, you may want to add a naturally, sweet treat to your eating regimen or a time to meditate daily, or after a stressful situation.

All of these topics and much more are available on this site.



The above photos are an example of healthy living; basking in the light by the day and the night is therapeutic for the senses.

Most definitely, what we look at, smell, taste and touch must be healthy for the body to be balanced.

Have you ever noticed scenery and smells or the touch of a squishy substance makes you feel more relaxed, tranquil?

If you haven’t, then wait until the next time you get upset, GO be one with nature and watch the anxiety, melt away.

Health Rich

If you know what to Eat to make you feel happy, alleviate pain and keep your body regulated you are a health conscious individual and will find this site useful.

As a Health conscious guru, you can leave suggestions for consideration to be added to the site, as well as be introduced to new quality products and services.

If you are confused, and don’t know where to start: what to eat or how to meditate, this site is also for you.

Love yourself!

Be kind to Others!

Respect is given, where as Trust is earned.

As YOU will learn to be health conscious and live a productive lifestyle.

Accessibility is important — don’t forget image alt attribute

A serene atmosphere and demeanor will make the journey easier.

Whereas sometimes the journey will be hard due to distractions, so turn your attention to your Health conscious communities for support.

A healthy lifestyle adds value to your Net worth, intangible assets increase.


The above is our Mindful section, which informs on Health conscious  recommendations.

This section is the Galleria of instructions for offers of quality products at affordable prices.

It’s an easier way to shop,

click on the links and make your purchase through Paypal, place your order on the contact form with a description of the item to purchase in description.

You can easily navigate through the website to obtain information or make a purchase.

No matter what you decide to DO: browse, buy, sell or promote, El Essentials is happy you visited Our New world of Health.

You can offer suggestions through Email.  You can make purchases through PayPal.

Health is Wealth

Health World community

If you want to learn more about how to build Healthy blocks, or if you are interested in helping with the project, head over to El Essentials

Thanks for visiting Healthy World!


Donations keep the efforts vibrant 

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