'Heal Thy World' ™ Essential 2019 Challenge

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For Affiliates and Site Members

Our Responsibility

Present and accept the Heal Thy World challenge.

We, the Family, have decided to leave a legacy of essential living “Health is Wealth”

The Author pledges to update the site regularly with vital information to living healthy and wealthy pursuits.

I will surf the web and the minds of others to show the world living healthy even in unfortunate circumstances is achievable and must be a priority.

Informing the world of the non essentials and then ridding the world of waste, restoring the broken, and sustainable efforts are the goals of this mission. 

Our Mission

to achieve the I’mpossible is a comprehensive plan with wholesome activities to include Everyone ready to LIVE a healthy and productive lifestyle.

The most essential components required to sustain health and maintain wealth are wholesome eating habits, regular exercise (meditation), and knowledgeable investments = know how + exclusive opportunities which all adds up to Unlimited potential in self and earnings.

Your Responsibility,

To delve into the challenges presented on this site throughout our lives. Each challenge is a healthy building block to transform your Life. 

Eat Healthy

You must remain active in the following areas, besides eating right and exercise, 

Watch the Health videos, and prepare only the wholesome dishes on this site, as Admin has taken the type to compile list of Essential foods to eat to remain heathy for daily intake of energized food.   Family, -Enjoy.

Pay It Forward

Pass along information

Ask for help

Comment Innovative Ideas

How you can HELP others achieve their goals, Check list:

  • Inspire dreams with HELP, when asked, and
  • provide communities the support (referrals, resources or financial) needed to achieve restorative measures as profitable ventures in support of Community development and Social empowerment

Nurture children, provide what they need at all times.

Demand the basics from children: proper personal care and asset management are El Essentials while Reading and Writing is fundamental for the process of Hiring man development; science and history must be made interestingly intriguing to engage a child’s creativity while learning.

Engage their imaginative creations, Arts and crafts are necessary for proper development: productive progression.

Disclaimer: I am not a Professional in the Healthcare / Social services industry. I am a considered Healthy living promoter. 

Author lakeshammalone@athealthyworld.com 

An Affiliate of Quality and Affordability. A business thinker with Saving and Investing opportunities and overstocked promotional items as a Pay It forward measure to E commerce Affiliate Marketers.

F A Qs

What is this?

This promotional site informs Wealthy Affiliates of the many opportunities members partake in and actively promote that are essential to successfully building a business that offers only Quality products and services at Affordable prices.

If  You accept this challenge like we DID, please leave a comment and let’s get started. –Heal Thy World

What You receive?

Vital information (know how to proceed forward)

Essential foods and techniques availabe to live a wholesome lifestyle in a world full of waste.

Receive discounted promotional offers for accepting the challenge to Heal Thy World geared to either Do It Yourself or Collaborate with others for Collective giving and Cooperative living.

Exercise regularly 

Include cardios, preferably Yoga and walk more often than not. 

Meditation techniques

  • Be in tranquil or natural surroundings
  • Away from distractions
  • Spend time alone
  • Weekly longer than an hour
  • Be patient with learning new techniques
  • Be comfortable (clothing and posture)
  • Deflect negative energy
  • Expel positive energy
  • Help others by being observant
  • Know thyself
  • Know thy limits
  • Learn stress reducing crafts
  • Remain calm at all times
  • Respond instead of react
  • Watch videos to learn other various meditation techniques.

Stay Tuned

We shall prevail when we actively pursue the challenges presented.

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