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Moringa Oleifera -Peppermint Tea | Lakesha Malone Single Product Review

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Moringa Oleifera Tea – Africa Blend

by Lakesha M Malone October 17, 2018

THIS product benefits Everyone, as children can drink this Tea as early as One year.

Please consult a Pediatrician before introducing any New food or drink to a child’s intake.

My children love the Tea, with or without sweetener. The product is affordably priced; it’s the BEST product on the market as a healthy alternative to lessen certain recurring symptom’s.

Screenshot from website

History of the Miracle Moringa Tree of Life -Oleifera & Peppermint Leaves

The Tree is indigenous to Africa and has been harvested for Millions of years by its Natives.

Today Health conscious individuals have teamed up with Manufacturers to distribute this product worldwide. We must learn the essentials of healthy eating for maximum Health.

It’s HIGHEST in nutrients of any plant on the Planet, known to Researchers.

It’s said to contain several times more Vitamin C than traditional fruits, quadruple the intake of Vitamin A and calcium of other vegetables, triple the normal consumption of potassium and double the protein of most fruits and veggies.

  • Provides almost 100 essential nutrients, I rate THIS product on a scale of 1-100, One hundred because of its Quality and Affordability.

It’s nutrients density makes it the healthiest, vegetable based plant to study for alternative medicine.

Of course, there are other Tea blends that contain each of these benefits, but NO Tea has all the above mentioned and below stated Health benefits tastefully blended into a Tea for Everyone.

Other nutritional ingredients infused by Peppermint Tea leaves:

  • 8 essential amino acids
  • 40 active detox ingredients
  • phyto-functional nutrients and trace elements.

The combination of Peppermint leaves makes this Tea the most health beneficial tea blend known to Health Awareness communities. Scientifically, Peppermint tea is Mentha pilerita a herbal tea infused with the leaves.

In my opinion, after using this product regularly for 6 months- as a consistent BBM supporter of Motherland’s Gold products, THIS Tea does boost immune systems, improves digestive and emotional health; makes THIS product a Trend setter and Market maker with No competition.

Screenshot photo of the BBM team

Manufacturers & Distributors

Buy Black Movement Marketing and Distribution team handles the advertisement and Customer support.

Cooperative efforts:

Delxino and Deborah Wilson de Briano

Co-Founders, President & Vice President

TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc.

The Manufacturer -Motherland’s Gold and Distribution company; -BBM reps are available through Email, and Open forum on the site. Members are able to discuss any complaints about the product or issues with delivery or orders.

A representative is available with 24/7 support: website and there’s a Facebook forum.

Side note: As a prior monthly Supporter of BBM products due to their quality of products, services and affordable prices, I have to get back on track with my monthly membership with Point incentives.

Moringa Tea is available as a Single product or as a Bundle which can include a Cup/Mug to drink or a supplement.

As El Essentials™ is not a promoter of Supplements; but for the purpose of this review, the Article informs the Readers of what the website fully has to offer in reference to THIS product like cost and benefits.


Screenshot photo of Website Bundle offer

Product at a Glance

Who is Motherland’s Gold?

Brand: Health drink product, Moringa Tea and Oleifera and Peppermint leaves.

This Africa blend is the Best because its Essential for daily energy – Optimal health.

On my next order I will try the leaf powder to sprinkle on our food, mixed it with 100% juice or smoothies for power induced nutrition.

Product suggestions:

  • Drink Tea in the A.M. for daily energy

I suggest with crumpets and fruit, see my Article on Tea and Crumpets, Healthy Breakfast

  • Drink Tea before going to bed to Unwind from a stressful or activity filled day.
  • Use drops to sweeten Tea Although I have not tried the drops, use it’s suggested to use them as a natural sweetener for your Tea.

Product Offers include: Moringa Tea bundles or Single product; become a Member for Other bundle options.

Ingredients – All natural (types: Leaves, Powder, capsules sand drops

Proposed Health benefits: healthy alternative to prescribed and over the counter pills and syrups for upset stomach and cold symptom’s relief.

Cost : Affordable, $24.99 includes 1 bag of 30 Tea bags

History: Ingredients from Africa, the wealthiest land mass of healthy resources

Inventors/Manufactures Motherland’s Gold

Distributors: BBM and other Affiliates

Trail Blazer /Market Maker: The Healthiest Tea on the Planet

Screenshot photo of Advertisement

Bundle prices

V -PACK 2 (Family) PRODUCTS 2 Capsules $59.98 1 One Pound Leaf Powder $59.99 2 Tea Bags Pack $39.98 TOTAL PRICE $159.95 

V -PACK 3 (Ultimate) PRODUCTS 3 Capsules $89.97 1 One Pound Leaf Powder $59.99 3 Tea Bags Pack $59.97 3 Liquid Drops $74.97 TOTAL PRICE $284.90 

CHOOSE YOUR VALUE PACK BELOW: PRICE: ranges from $76.47 to $213.68 OPTIONS:

Choose Options: Pack #1) 1 capsules, 1 half lb powder, 1 tea pack $76.47 Pack #2) 2 capsules, 1 one lb powder, 2 tea packs $127.96 Pack #3) 3 caps, 1 one lb powder, 3 teas, 3 drops $213.68

Competitor’s of Motherland’s Gold, Moringa Tea Africa Blend

None, N/A

Family Testimonial

My family loves this product. Moringa Tea even taste good bland- with No Brown sugar or Honey. Honey and White sugar does not taste good as a sweetener in this product. My family has actually used this product as a health alternative for over the counter medicines.

Site comment:

Customer Testimonial: I bought the Motherland’s Gold Moringa Value Pack for my family a month ago. We all started using it the day we received it in the mail. Now, my whole family is more energetic and healthier! I will continue buying Motherland’s Gold Moringa for my family. N. B


Moringa Tea soothes the following ailments so ORDER YOUR shipment Today.

1. Sinus relief

2. Allergies, Head congestion

3. Stomach ache relief

4. Reduces Symptoms – fever, chills and a head pain.

The Experiment

Can Moringa Tea reduce the symptom’s from a Heart ache or stroke, throbbing muscles or dizziness?

My husband and youngest son experience Migraines, THIS Tea has helped alleviate their head pain and reduced the need for a OTC medicine (Tylenol or Ibuprofen).

I believe Moringa Tea – Africa blend reduces the symptom’s of a head cold or pain caused by dizziness, headache, a congested nasal passage, upset stomach – constipation or diarrhea. As I am not an experiment, I can only confess to what has benefited My family and Others.


Please consult a Physician before beginning any new regiments, whether All natural or not All natural ingredients.

Watch this YouTube video with a claim that the Tea is good for ….

The Challenge

Everyone that experiences and of the above symptom’s try Moringa Oleifera Tea -Africa blend as a healthy alternative to traditionally prescribed or Over the counter medicinal relief.

JOIN the Movement, in support of DISENFRANCHISED workers globally.

Become an Affiliate Supporter of Motherland Gold’s Moringa Tea Africa blend Today!

To receive even more Added value from El Essentials Receive a $6 Mug and $9 Backpack to Become an Affiliate Marketer of essential Health products. A Free E commerce store with 24/7 Community and Tech support.

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4 thoughts on “Moringa Oleifera -Peppermint Tea | Lakesha Malone Single Product Review

  1. I never knew about this tea, it looks like a very good one, the highest nutrients in the world, that is really incredible.

    Personally, I’m a lover of Green Tea, but I have the feeling I should try this one, I think this one can give me even better benefits than the green tea.

    I have a question, when i’m sick and I drink green tea, I’m better very fast, will it be the same with this one?

    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Yes Emmanuel,

      First, Thank you for reading and noticing how nutritional Moringa Tea actually is; Moringa Tea works instantly for my family. I feel better immediately after the first full drink, no sipping when you are sick just full gulps. 

      Although the tea is not good cold, that’s one thing I didn’t mention, because most drink their tea hot, I do not like Moringa Tea cold, lukewarm is ok, just not too cold. Lol 

      It’s good to try new things just consult a physician, read off the ingriedents this will actually, most time show your doctor some thing new. Happy sipping.

      Thank you for the comment, 


  2. Hi Lakesha, 

    Thanks for sharing! And well, I have to admit that I was curious at first. But after going through this review on Moringa Oleifera Tea, it made me realized how miraculous this tea is, as it is highly nutritious and the health benefits that this tea brings to our family will be worth money spent.

    1. Yes, Glenda

      — it will be money well spent. Don’t forget to email if you have any questions with getting started. A support system is good with any new venture. 

      Good Health is very important. Although this product is All natural, I still recommend Everyone consult their physician before introducing New food or drink to the body. Everyone’s bodily system seems to work differently when it comes to digestion. 

      Glad you enjoyed the review and noticed the Health benefits of Moringa Tea. Don’t forget to share all Healthy discoveries with Others.

      Thank you for reading, 


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