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Networking increases Social capital

Why does Networking add value to your Life?

Any network provides a consensus for decision making; everytime a comment is made, post is uploaded or shared, users are voting on their likes and dislikes, then data is collected and analyzed to offer even more products and services to Online communities.

Social media providers and Marketers always want to know what the Consumer thinks when making decisions to implement or disregard, new or existing products and services.

Consequently, Internet networking is the economic indicator for online sales; analytics show online supply and demand factors, what’s popular and what’s not, and competing cost and prices.

Ironically, connections of cooperation, know how and sustainability will increase the independence One feels when given the resources necessary to maintain life, no matter what situation or circumstances the person encounters.

  • When a Single parent finds themselves in need of basic necessities, the person knows who to call.
  • When minimum wage earners are looking for a way to make more money, they know where to go.
  • And, if a Retiree needs more income during retirement they can contact a source that will provide.

Negative impact of Online networks

I believe, “the desperation of people causes all good things to be negatively impacted,  when inadequacy meets necessity”.

Some people promote quality while others promote propaganda.

The Scammers and Spammers deserve to be in prison, but the internet is not so transparent in it’s findings of suspicious activity.

They do not get prosecuted and grow richer with your losses everyday.

It is an ineffective strategy for the government to micromanage the Internet; Intruders and hackers make up the biggest losses on the internet, I think.

And the lack of quality merchandise with No guarantees must make up the largest, small- scale loss on the internet.

Another negative impact of Online networks is that Internet regulators allow Corporations to monopolize industries and drive prices ‘sky high’.

Although fair market pricing exist, some corporations take advantage of consumers with non-essential product offers, crappy products and poor Customer service.

In retrospect, past time gatherings was the way to Network (build social capital).

Then sophisticated technology was introduced to the eCommerce world and the Consumers went bananas with Online purchases.

Consumers must safeguard their online purchases with security features and safety measures shared by the Experts and professionals online, and offline.

Fortunately, the benefits of being an Internet marketing affiliate outweighs the negative aspects of Online Networks.

Affiliates have been known to get Rich and build wealth, promoting quality products at affordable prices.

What is Social capital? Why do Other’s finances matter?

To most, social capital is the capacity of Others to work together effectively.

When in fact, Social capital should be measured in terms of how much capital a network can pool together to facilitate resources needed within a community.

Not all capital is tangible, some intangibles are as follows:

  • Loyalty of Others
  • Recurring factors
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Business thinking
  • Cooperativeness
  • Added value (Know how)
  • Dedication (determination)
  • Consistency (persistence)

Most importantly, the financial transformation of others matter because Generational wealth is more about Autonomous living than After-death Will giving.

The overall health of others matter; balanced mind, body, soul and finances allows others to be productive members of society.

And we need others to make our business successful, either as an Affiliate, Associate, Consumer, or Staff member.

Why is the Internet so important to many businesses?

Big eCommerce has revolutionized sales globally.

Gross Domestic Products per Capita exponentially increased when the sell of products and services where marketed, digtally distributed and purchased online.

The safety and security of online, personal information should be the main focus of every Consumer.

Consumers must also realize the fact scammers and spammers occupy a majority of the web space.

And must learn to safeguard themselves with various measures such as:

1. Longer alpha numeric patterns with symbols for Passwords, at least 13- 20 characters.

2. Maintain finances with regular account balancing and Credit report monitoring

3. Educate self and others on all security and safety measures known to safeguard emails and other personal accounts.

4. Never share passwords or Usernames with anyone that is not part of the network.

Growth will come

The internet is rather important to businesses because of the increased sales and exposure the company benefits.

The customer is provided an easier way to shop and find resources, the White & Yellow pages are so archaic. LOL

The most important aspect of an online business is the website and the company’s ability to drive traffic (customers visits) to the website and convert the visitor to a customer.

Whether it’s a webpage (Landing page) or Website, the technology (platform) used must be up to date, cost efficient  and time effective.

Lastly, but not all, the internet allows business to reach potential customers in mass proportion and record times.

Although businesses would never tell a customer, “the internet is the best way to end Poverty”,  it allows EVERYONE, unencumbered initially, to produce products and services in home to promote and sell online.

The government has the Retail and Other industries so regulated that the average person, with no business, economics or finance background will most often fail at their attempted business ventures within 3 to 5 years.

Fortunately, through Social media businesses have access to unlimited data and resources to help Others facilitate production and distribution operations or offer services to customers globally.

What impact do Affiliates have on business growth?

Affiliates are as important as traditional, office employees.

Affiliates require less Company maintenance than traditional employees, I believe.

For instance, Repairs and replacement of Office furniture and equipment; in most cases affiliates provide their own equipment, furniture, and supplies.

Company’s cut cost (expenses) when they hire affiliates as Independent Contractors.

Most affiliates are Independent associates who receive a 1099 for tax reporting which saves the company employee expenses.

Some affilaites Net a company millions while Others makes a company dollars, if not hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

What is your conclusion, does networking increase social capital?

Internet marketing affiliates add value to the overall scope of networking, the process of building social capital, and business development and operations.

This article is for informational purposes only. As there is No Reference page, any information found inaccurate please leave a comment and corrections will be changed at Owners discretion. (C) 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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