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The day had come when Taaja needed to make a decision about a new trajectory in her life. She was headed one way, but in her “gut” felt she should be on another course all together.

She decided her life needed direction because she knew she had no focus.

She began to read Self- help books. She even started applying some of the techniques to her life.

Then she found the techniques were not working by themselves. Taaja, soon discovered she would have to learn more, and then apply what she was learning systematically.

Some of the techniques need to be applied after other techniques were learned. For instance, she could not update her wardrobe before she enhanced her self-esteem.

Although what you wear isn’t an indicator of self-worth, Taaja believed, a well groomed person has more confidence than someone who presents an aura of “I don’t care about my appearance”.

Basically the, long hair don’t care attitude, clique. LOL

Long story short, Taaja knew what she needed to do to change her mind about a more profound path in life.

If Taaja was a real person, I would have introduced her to Wealthy Affiliate, Business & Marketing platform. Taaja is a lot like me; I knew I needed to change my perspective, so I found a different way to proceed forward. You should too, if necessary.

This blog will discuss what’s needed for a Healthy change of perspective, which ultimately, will transform lives.

Others are affected positively, whether they are a positive person or not, when positive occurrences happen to others.

It is true, there are some who will have a negative vibe whether good or bad situations happen.

How to circumvent negativity

Remain positive. And if the negative person is receptive to learning more to change their thoughts, be there to educate them.

Educate someone

Draw out the new healthy skills and mindset of the person, so they will think and function at an optimal level.

Optimal thinking involves rational and logical thoughts and behavior. Everyone must know that the people in your life and your surroundings do not have to change, for a positive change in behavior to take place.

A Change of perspective happens NOW.

Sit back in a comfy position, in a nature surrounding if possible

Feet flat on the ground/floor, put hands down to your side

Before you close your eyes

be ready to change, anticipate the change within you. What do you look like? What does your surroundings look like? What family or friends do you need in your life?

Have an open mind for positive thinking. Even the most negative and detrimental people have a positive mind frame to display for what they love.

That’s the kicker, positivity stems from passions (what you love) which receive more respect than anything or anybody else.

Whether your passion is people, places or things, those are the factors that make us think positive thoughts.

Even antisocial people love animals, the hoarding cat lover, or the Man’s best friend dog lover. In their eyes they could never be cruel to what they cherish the most.

Mindful Breathing techniques

Before closing your eyes, do these breathing exercises repeatedly until a changed perspective is what you feel before you close your eyes.

Remember, you have 5 minutes to complete a new meditation exercise before you close your eyes.

When you’re ready after 5 minutes of feeling changed…



THEN OPEN YOUR EYES, to a new-found perspective.

NOW, CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!! For a new 20-second Blindness test.

NOW THAT YOUR EYES HAVE BEEN OPENED,  and once you adapt to the transformation. 

Only close your eyes -mindfulness,  for SLEEP, forevermore.

Eyes = Mind, in this World

How I know my perspective has changed

Even if you don’t feel the same, the main way to confirm your changed mind is to test yourself. A test of this sort is crucial to your changed mindset.

Most of the time, people get into disagreements or altercations because they aren’t mindful of their own actions, a new current situation, their personal circumstance, or how this current negativity will affect others.

So from now on, be Mindful of 3 factors:

1. External circumstances of the current situation

2. Current situation and how inappropriate vs appropriate behavior affects others

3. How the other person’s behavior will affect others (you and bystanders)

If during the next surprise event, which has the potential for a negative pitfall, and you are unable to control your thoughts or behavior, you do not yet have a Healthy Perspective on life and must repeat a new exercise regularly.
Go get in tuned with nature to complete a new Blindness test.

Repeat a new 20-second Blindness test every chance possible.

Until one day your temperament remains relaxed, and you are able to deescalate situations. Negativity will continue to control your existence.

Repeat a new 20-second Blindness test to re calibrate thoughts in the mind, with a 5-minute brief meditation.


In conclusion, the best way to change a new mind is to Open a new eyes and remain positive. Every day and every unexpected happening is a new chance to test a new theory that a Healthy Change of Perspective will change your life for the better.
It is possible, well within reach.



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