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Welcome to the page of Healthy Holiday Eating

Halloween is the best time to solidify your journey by eating healthy treats, not Candy. This blog will FEATURE some of the best, easy to prepare dishes and treaties for the Holidays.

Stay tuned for other blogs featuring more festive celebrations.

Without further Ado. The Best of Healthy Halloween treats on the internet.

This Mom is very crafty with her quick and easy to prepare Halloween Desserts.

These are just delightful – so feasible to make even children can do it by themselves. Age limit 8 years old.







And then there’s Thanksgiving Healthy eating. Health Food is what we give thanks for. Take the 45 -day Challenge and thrive

But what about Christmas. Everyone loves the Wintery Holiday festivities from Kwanzaa and Hanukkah season.

Of course The New Year’s Day dinner is lighter than Xmas dinner, but it still must contain the most healthy foods available.


Christmas treats to make for New Year’s Day


Is Egg even good for Us? Do some research and let us know.

We definitely can’t forget Easter and All its treats and dinner pleasantries. From egg hunting to Easter dinner, We must eat healthy.

Google search shows the Healthiest foods to eat for Easter are….

Eating healthy during Summer festivities is just as important as Other holidays.

Grill only fruits and veggies try to leave meat out of daily comsumption all together. There are other ways to absorb protein. Meat byproducts like eggs is a substitute food only because it digest more easily than beef or steak in the belly.

Can I puree meat to make it easier to digest?

Recommendation: Puree for the Holidays -More Healthy Eating Tips

The Food Network shows deliciously Healthy food

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Healthy Grilling
Healthy Eating for the Holidays
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