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Motivation: One of my skills and strengths is my Writing abilities. As I am persistent in my writing, I will be a phenomenal Freelance writer one Day. I’ve been blogging over 8 years now, and I’m getting better. Today, is as good a day as any!

Writing a book

One of my goals in Life is to pass down my unique thoughts on LIFE. Everyone needs a reminder, from time to time, how to effectively and efficiently live Life as a productive member of society.

Wholesome living is my overall legacy. The topics I will cover in my Lifetime ranges from, Healthy eating and meditation to Financing your own Life. I thought about writing a book about MY TAKE ON LIFE. 

Unfortunately, I do not intend to finish the book, but I will provide a Word link to view the 1st Draft, the blueprint, upon request. All Rights Reserved.  A Privacy agreement does apply.

I’ve chosen instead to offer the ideology, through one of the Company’s subsidiaries; to ANYONE that wants to finance their own dreams.


What’s most important?

We all have to prioritize our lives to suit our circumstances. So the most important energies to manage are Emotions and Finances, even as a child, disabled person, a prisoner or worker.

Emotions (Healthy eating)

Financial and emotional health determine Wealth.

You can never be truly wealthy without eating right, spending less, earning and learning more.

  • Eating right regulates Emotions and the Body.
  • Being frugal regulates Emotions and increases Net worth.
  • Earning and learning more increases creativity that balances the Emotions which regulates the body.

Feeling down-and-out, not knowing where your next Dollar is coming from or going, can feel overwhelming, even suicidal for some people.

That’s when emotions must be balanced, any level headed individual will deal with the current circumstances and not the worry.

Worry does no one any good. You must find a way to change undesirable circumstances.

Matter of fact, the emotions of a person determine their productivity levels, to learn, play and or engage with Others; micromanaging life becomes a factor.

What does it mean to micromanage Life?

One who controls and monitors Life closely.

Never micromanage family and friends!

The severely disabled and prisoners must have their lives micromanaged, due to their circumstances.

Micromanaging people can be enabling, an unhealthy characteristic which makes a person more dependent and less responsible; I noticed THIS nurturing 8 children.

So remember to allow Others, to make as many of their own decisions as possible, within reason that doesn’t necessarily, personally affect your life, as applicable.

Be there to guide their actions, when necessary or when asked; do not control or constantly observe their actions (applies to normal development and circumstances).

On the other hand, your Own finances and emotions must be micromanaged for optimal performance.

Controlling every aspect of your most vital energies, pertaining to human productivity, is essential to Wholesome living.

At all times, you must know where your MONEY is going and how its flowing.  Cashflow is essential in business and personal endeavors.

Finances (Be Your Own Bank)

When you have a major expense, like a leaky roof, busted pipe or a natural disaster; who do YOU turn to?

  • Some go to their Emergency fund
  • Others get a loan, or
  • Contracted service
  • Sometimes, the problem goes unsolved

Of the above types, which type of Consumer would feel the most inadequate?

Even though Cooperatives (pooled, member projects) are a better option; if you can find Others to join your endeavors, the More the Merrier!

But if not, use the opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to market products; with 25 websites, at least one of the Sites has to be a Money maker.

THAT is the beginning of having a Million dollars in Retirement.

If a person does not know if they will have a million in savings, the idea is for them or anyone who needs to add to their Retirement funds, to learn more about  this offer. 

A wealthy person has residual income and is able to manage the cashflow (Income & Expenses) effortlessly.

My exclusive Retirment plan and WA are great starting points.

Ways to balance your emotions

Eat healthy

Never feel like your alone

Always ask for help

Adopt an even temperament

Never Worry, Be happy!

Earn some extra Money

So, What’s the Catch? 

New methodology explains it ALL

How does a person remain productive, finance their own dreams, not work a 9-5, or look for a hand out?

Be their own bank, find a High end ROI, make a small investment and wait for the dough to roll in, year after year.

Accept one thing! YOU can’t DO THAT anywhere, unless I show EVERYONE the methodology and the system behind it.

The method has a DIY version, or a Become a member version.

Either way, what you get is $1 000 000 within 25 years, contingent upon Start date.

And do nothing but, invest less than $700, vote on projects, and wait patiently for the chips to roll in.

The added value comes with the Support whether DIY or Become a member. Of course, the latter option has more perks.

You learn for free to invest cooperatively, you learn even more, then you thrive completely.

Even if you fail to plan, you win when you have support. -Quote by Me



There are many Finance gurú books that inform on how, why and when to Budget, Save and Invest.

I say, don’t waste YOUR time. Although, time is never wasted; inessential living is not wholesome, or productive. It is better to spend time on What makes you happy.

If we can micromanage our own finances and emotions, we will live a Better life.

For most, spending time with Family and Friends is more fun than working a 9-5 or trading stock.

Traveling, and other leisure activities are more important to your health than working for a living

As I am not yet an Expert on all information, this post is for learning use only. No harm in turning dreams into reality.

Residual cashflow is accumulated riches which leads to wealth eventually!

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