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This Article informs the Reader and displays the findings of my search for the most healthy food which compliments the most healthy drinks- Alkaline Water, Coffee and Tea.

This Coffee or Tea campaign addresses health issues: lack of knowledge and resources to eat healthy. As many people have accepted the challenge, we all must promote Healthy alternatives to Everyday Essentials! I personally know 15 people that have accepted the challenge to Heal Thy World’ through healthy eating, wholesome thinking and decision-making.

Have a cup of Moringa Tea with brunch or lunch and eat a banana, as a midday or mid-evening snack I will display meals and snacks with Bananas for choose selection to make the transition easier and the challenge more efficient.

The challenge for THIS campaign is two fold:

Go Bananas, with the Coffee or Tea Bonanza.

Include bananas, in your AM intake for the next 45 days, document the experience and any benefits.

Include a Mug of Ganoderma coffee with your morning breakfast of Fiber, potassium and protein.

  • Have a cup of Moringa Tea with brunch or lunch and eat a banana, as a midday or mid-evening snack I will display meals and snacks with Bananas for choose selection to make the transition easier and the challenge more efficient.
  • Drink alkaline water for Dinner and consume a banana, as the last meal of the day can be the heaviest meal of the day. Do not drink the water after 8pm.

Health Tips

Have another cup of Moringa Tea before retiring to sleep for the night. For optimal health, take night rest before 11pm as the body naturally regenerates during the body restful period between the hours of 10pm to 2am, and do not eat or drink anything after 10 p.m.

  • If you suffer from cramps, head or abdominal pain drink Moringa Tea, 3 times a day for continuous relief.
  • Congested?, drink Moringa Tea before steamy Hot bath or shower. Showers are better as the water stays hotter longer. And think of the extra water bill as still a savings because the membership to a quality spa cost more than taking baths instead of showers to conserve water.
  • Suffer from constipation?, drink the Tea 3 times a day so bowels will loosen.

Back to the challenge………

The second part of this bifurcated challenge is to only eat the displayed meals, Do these three activities as part 2 of the challenge:

1. Research recipes for the wholesome meals section of this site. Keep an online journal through v blogging and showing others your culinary skills you have learned from this challenge.

2. Participate in polls and other Site contest to benefit even more from the challenge and it’s rewards.

3. Provide a name and recipe with Video blog of meal preparation for dishes displayed below in the Galleria of Food section that do not have a description attached.

Suggestions section

Do not attempt to eat 3 meals a day unless you crave food that many times a day. Eat the recommended foods whenever you can during the day to feel an energy boost. Don’t forget to sip Morning Tea when your well to maintain health and gulp down the Tea when you feel sick or sluggish for fast, restorative health.

There is no such thing as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for THIS challenge except to distinguish times of day. Am vs Pm meals, early morning vs late morning or really afternoon.

Some days will ONLY require Alkaline water, Moringa Tea or maybe a Cup of coffee and a Banana, all day. If you are not an Active person that forgets to eat until 2pm, you will eat more than once a day to feel the energy infused into the body with protein, fiber, potassium and many other Daily intake essentials.

Other days you will want to create full meals with dessert, to share with the Family or Others. Either way, do what comes natural; this is not a timed challenged or a proposition that requires much focus; just remember you have challenged yourself to LIVE a more healthy and productive lifestyle.

So for the next 45 days decline any provocation towards unhealthy eating. It’s a trick of the mind geared for complacency and bad habits.

My avant-garde research has found some delectable combination of foods to Eat with a Health conscious drink to improve wellness. I became a promoter of Health when I learned that only essentials and non wastefulness, will due in Our world. So my due diligence entails the creation of this health conscious site for a wholesome lifestyle change.

Health food Galleria of Food to consume with your Wholesome choice : Coffee or Tea?

Very important side note: Fruits and Vegetables are too high priced these days. Food should be regulated more effectively and there must be Price caps on FOOD to protect the Consumers from market crash, or another Economic depression.

Disclaimer: THIS challenge is an effort to inform others of Health foods, not known by most to be the most beneficial, if combined in consumption with recommended Health drink. Comment on THIS challenge or ask questions about Optimal health.

Rewards for completing Challenge – Health champion of the Year Award

A more healthy and productive lifestyle and experience to promote Health is Wealth mentality. And the genuine motivation to eat healthy, exercised meditate regularly, as well as finding the time to Help yourself and Others achieve their dreams.

5 thoughts on “Healthy Eating with Health Drinks | Coffee or Tea Challenge

  1. I’ve been drinking moringa tea for years, there are so many health benefits to drinking this as a tea. It is really good to help regulate glucose levels. I also use it in powder form to make shakes.


  2. Hey Im very new to all of this health food stuff and was just curious what alkaline water is and what the benefit to drinking it vs. regular water is?

    1. Alkaline water is a mixture of fruits and veggies and the process of letting it sit in the fridge overnight.

      In my concoction I used cucumbers, lemon and occasionally lime in mountain spring water.

      Walmart sells a brand of Alkaline water in some cities.

      Thank you for reading, accept the challenge if you dare.

  3. Great article! I am very health conscious, so reading material like this helps me to stay focused on eating right. I always have tea in the afternoon with my light lunch. I will have to consider Moringa.

    Thank you.

  4. That is great. Moringa tea is very soothing and undoubtedly healthy for us to drink.

    Stay healthy and Thank you because it seems as if you have already accepted the challenge.

    Thanks for reading!

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