'Heal Thy World' ™ Essential 2019 Challenge

Healthy Blocks – Your 45 -day Challenge Begins Today

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El Essential Living is healthy Eating

Block One advocates Essential living 


1. Self Love (spend time with family and friends)

2. Help Others (be supportive)

3. Master a craft (learn a new skill often)

4. Show others (instruct others on what you know -inspire and motivate others to greatness)

Block Two consist of Healthy Eating

Research the benefits of Alkaline water

Only drink Moringa Tea and Alkaline Water for 45 days to detox the body then incorporate 100% Fruit juice at least once a day.

Drink 2 parts water, 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar, once a week.

Do not eat Cow eat Oxen if you have to (know meat rots in the intestine before it is able to be properly digested).

Keep your body free of toxins be sure to detox as requested.

No Beef or Steak for 1 year.

Eat only organically fed chickens, eat brown eggs and use lactose free milk don’t drink the milk, use it in wholesome cereal (homemade or store bought).

Block Three creates a Healthy mentality: Exercise / Yoga at least  15 minutes a day for the first 45 days then 3-4 times a week. Or as needed.

Combine Strength and Endurance training with Cardio’s, during Workout sessions.

Meditate 15 minutes a day in a Natural environment setting, amongst Trees and Fresh water, for the first 45 days, then as needed thereafter.

Sitting alone is required. Walking a long or short distance to and from your place of Tranquility counts towards the timed exercise routine. Add some weights squats and lunges before the walk to incorporate the different targeted in the workout.

Multitasking for Optimal health is recommended..

Block Four deals with Healthy Finance:

We were born to help Others get the resources they need. From Parents helping children to Children helping Parents as well as Siblings helping each other and friends or associates helping each other.

A Business to Business network transparent in its Operations and Organizational structure can thrive in any business venture where the business provides a helpful service Over and over again to its Customers or Members.

What You create with Healthy Blocks!

A longer longer life, a calmer spirit and more time for fun with family and friends.

Know thyself

Learn You, know what bothers you a little or a lot; and learn how to handle those unexpected and stressful situations.

Happy People

When people have the essentials, and are not trying to keep up with the Joneses. In general, People are more helpful and compassionate when they have what they need when they need it.

A team player is most gracious whether they put forth the effort or someone else does when it’s time to reap the harvest.

Livable conditions

Tolerable neighbors

Cleaner streets and Alleyways

Cleanier Air and Eateries

Paved and unconjested roads and highways

Working systems, better Healthcare and more quality and Affordable housing.

If everyone felt the importance of any project, achieving goals would be easier and life would be transformed in record time.

You can add value to Anyone’s life when you can live a Healthy lifestyle and show Others how to do the same.

Remember, success is personal and knowledge is gained on a personal level. Knowledge is an asset, not like Cash or Gold, but just as precious to Life’s quality. Having the know how to transform lives makes any Life coach a valuable asset with intrinsic value.

People are happiest when they feel adequately secure. When people don’t have what they need, when they need it most become belligerent and uncivilized. Poverty is the basis of most Criminality.

What if, Everyone accepted the Healthy World Challenge!

… more legacy building with Lakesha M Malone

Lifetime commitment challenge accepted by Many!

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