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Healthy living by El Essentials (c) 2011-2018 is my legacy!

My name is Lakesha M Malone, as a wife and Mother of 8 living healthy is a #1 priority in our family nowadays.

My family has decided to leave everyone with as much information as possible on healthy living. 

I will compile a list of healthy foods to eat, inform others on the hybrid, genetically modified foods and offer essential products affordably.

As a Life/Finance coach to Everyone in need of assistance, and a formal Learning coach for my children, showing Everyone what quality looks like at an affordable price is my main objective.

I will be the epitome of a Coupon or Wellness section of a magazine or newspaper. In the end, I will have provided my Customers an essential experience that makes their life better, for the most part.

I will offer Discounts and Giveaways throughout this venture of living healthy. I want Others to be the best possible YOU, they can be.

Do you really need a recipe for this wholesome dish? As I know the answer is YES, I will provide many recipes for your preparation choice.

Eating right is the first step to living a productive life. Life requires maintenance; that includes proper bodily functions and consistent mental health.

We can only do so much

As a Life coach my goal is to provide essential information to Others.

My hopes are that through this free information Others will buy, sell or promote the most vital information necessary for our survival.

Thus, the information will contain products that prevent or relieves certain illnesses, calm nerves, regulate the body, and restores overall health.

The information provided will contribute to health living, informing Others of remedies (solutions) for our ailments (perceived, induced, or rampant).

El Essentials offer quality products for sell,  at times, below fair market value to ensure affordable prices to loyal customers.

And displays solutions for some of life’s greatest stressors like easy to do exercises.

This is a professional site that challenges Others to Live healthy through wholesome eating and exercise for body and mind transformation and maintenance.

This site is here to provide an exceptional experience of transforming your Mind and Body. I am rooting for Us All to be the best WE can be when we know better and strive to DO BETTER.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Healthy World

  1. Great site Lakesha It looks you have the physical and the mental parts of the body targeted for perfect healthy living . keep up the great work. Hotep and good luck in your journey

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