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Man in the Mirror
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Heal The World video

Our world deserves the chance Michael Jackson and I believe it does. No matter what happened in the past, Now that We all know better we must All do better.

This blog is in tribute to a Man and a solution for depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, if stress is not managed properly through Healthy eating and living, as preventive measures for premature death, people will never heal properly.

In my opinion, neither prescribed medicines nor supplements are essential for healthy living. Holistic living, alternative medicines must be researched and consumed as preventive measures to fatal ailments.

Rest in Love Michael Jackson! A true Musical genius gone too soon. Who was Michael Jackson?

lived at 2300 Jackson St in Indiana, as a child musical prodigy turned international, musical phenomenon. Many have mimicked his phenomenal dance moves, but no one will ever sing and dance the message of Unity and Love the way MJ did to Heal the World.

His music and dance is known throughout the world as a legendary legacy of Artistic greatness.


I truly believe MJ was misunderstood and any allegations must be forgiven as well as forgotten for the sake of his vision to Heal The World.

Please accept My Heal Thy World Challenge

The challenge includes developing talents while enhancing skills. Everyone’s born with undeniable skills; talent MUST be developed. Since all skills can be used in unlimited ways, whether a talent is developed (in the case of MJ) or becomes stagnate -never to be seen publicly by Others.

Creativity heals all. A creative mind and hands of ingenuity fills what seems like a void. But in my experience, there’s never a void, but a yearning. Just as the body yearns essential and inessential foods, the mind yearns action and/ thoughts, what seems like constantly; even when sleep. MJ had both and it was portrayed through his music and videos.

My thoughts

On Child hood fame and stardom can be overwhelming and while children need a tutor for schoolwork they also need to learn, stress management techniques as a child to be a great help as an Adult when nurturing and guiding children.

Including parents of talented & gifted children who also must learn techniques, to help circumvent the stress of handling children whether famous prodigies or not.

MJ brought millions of people together in concert and at home to participate in Heal the World video through online publication of a live tapping of the concert.

What was MJs Ultimate talent?

1. He had a knack for wowing people, at a very young age of 5, with his singing and dance routines with his siblings. MJ and his brothers had a group, originally managed by his father – The Jackson Five.

2. He kept his family together and secured their financial success with his song and dance. Watch out world, then along came Michael Jackson.

What was his most Revered skills?

His ability to sing and dance so gracefully. He’ll “knock you right off of your feet”, figuratively speaking. Those were lyrics from one of his beloved songs, The Way You Make Me Feel. In this video you can see some of his signature dance moves.

Can developing talent and enhancing skills help Heal Thy World? Can Music & Dance Heal the world?

MJ thought so, and so do I. I have plans for a Cultural awareness Community center with a vision to Heal Thy World through education a mission to end racism through no tolerance for poverty.

MJ was a grassroots activist for Youth empowerment. He invited children to his home to partake in his mini zoo and amusement park features of his estate. He was a great man that did great things for everyone Adults and children alike.

All the other musicians in the industry loved MJ style because they all understood his mission to heal the world through song and dance when many Musical artist got together and sang a rendition of We Are the World.

Were They depressed and anxiety ridden?

Even though this blog is tribute to MJ I would like to briefly, but not unimportant mention – Whitney Houston; she was another musical icon that had a skill to unite others to heal the world through song and dance. (And she also “went” too soon, and like MJ -some believe due to over medication of prescribed drugs. Rest In Love WH)

Although Whitney Houston talent wasn’t dance, her voice was unexplainably exquisite. She and MJ were some of the greatest in their genre.

They both forever help heal the world through creativity and ingenuity because their musical contributions will be around for a very long time, so generations to come can see how great they were to the Music and Dance industry.

MJ and WH had children of their own at a later age in life; MJ children were young when he died too soon. So the understanding of their Fathers early departure from life will possibly become public knowledge when they are older.

Hopefully, the news will be heartwarming and not as tragic as Whitney Houston daughter -she lost her life shortly after Whitney lost hers.

I feel due to lack of stress management techniques as well as not eating the essentials caused poor decision making and unhealthy lifestyle choices known by these legendary music and dance performing Artist, they met their untimely deaths.

Let’s Heal Thy World! Accept the challenge. It will be a Joyful Noise!

What’s the First step?

  • A healthy mind through eating wholesome foods like more organic fruits and veggies than non-essential foods. (Man in the mirror mentality).
  • Global distribution of only essential merchandise must be a priority.
  • Doing away with waste and addressing scarcity is a main concern of everyone involved in taking the challenge to Heal Thy World.

As a baby MJ first steps were different from most others; as he had rhythm in his feet and legs. He had a skill that he mastered in song and a talent that he developed in dance.

When combining the two it made magic in front of cameras worldwide. From the Untied States to Japan, Michael Jackson made people bob their heads, get up and dance or forever listen to his music.


As I am not a die hard MJ fan, I still respect his vision, to Heal the World; we have much in common and I inner stand his mission for Love and Unity worldwide, as I promote his talent and skills encouraging the Everybody to sing and dance more often.

As can be seen, and what’s known to medical professionals, is that creativity, especially the healing properties from vibrations of music and workout -body movement exercises of rigorous dance routines, is essential to healthy living.

What is to be known and must be made clear, prescribed medicines will never be more beneficial to Holistic living than preventive measures of wholesome consumption (mind and body).

In memory of a Musical legend Michael Jackson memories! Get your MJ memorabilia here Today!


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