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Healthy Living

In order to live productively,  we must be Selfless not Selfish (take time for self, be a Yes person more often than not to Others).  If we live Life on our own terms considering Others’ needs along the way,  then we are doing our part to make our world a better place.

  • Be discerning, but help Others often at your discretion (know that, not Everyone is rooting for your success).
  • Always help those that are genuine in the way they treat you daily, whether in a business or personal situation.
  • Eat Right (supplements are not essential to anyone’s lifestyle, eat Minerals and Nutrients in abundance more often).
  • See the Doctor regularly (anytime your body doesn’t feel right do some research, then consult a Physician with List of the recognized symptoms.

Include your Physician in THIS Challenge

Proceed sensibly (don’t get angry all the time) at indiscretions that won’t matter later in life.

To some, there is no such situation that is a minor indiscretion. Most of the time everything for them is blown out of proportion.

Depression and Anxiety wouldn’t exist if everyone felt adequate all the time.

If there was NO need in this world,  if everyone felt satisfied all the time they would be more than complacent with those circumstance. There would be minimal want, if there was no need; everybody would have everything they want, when they want it.

The Non essentials in Life must vanish; those items waste valuable time and precious energy.

I know your saying, Lakesha who determines what’s essential for Everyone?

I say, I know Everyone wants to be considered different and individuals, but there are some life situations that are systematic and must happen a certain way for any effort to be effective.

We can not go to work without getting dressed,  a system set up to protect the masses.  It’s essential you put on shirt,  pants and shoes to go to work.

If the we agree on a set of detailed laws,  we must abide by, adhere to, or complain about, and advocate for those laws to be repealed or reformed (Amended).

Humanitarian Rights are more appropriate, but Civil rights was sufficient in a World of disproportionate wealth; I don’t understand that dream.

How to Heal Our World

It starts with the Person in the Mirror, like Michael Jackson musically informed Us.

Environmental concerns:

Don’t destroy the Trees

Don’t pollute the land or waters

Conserve energy

Demolition only to Rebuild value

Be A Neighborhood Representative 

Participate in community development (accessible resources :support or referrals)

Clean up and repair homes and neighborhoods: debri removal, demolition, upkeep, upgrades, and rebuilding historical structures as well as need designs. 

Governmental concerns:)

  • Less State funding more; Socio economic development (State to State)
    • Gun control, according to the Constitution the state has No right to control firearm distribution. Can we legally bear arms even if we are disabled or smoke Marijuana? Criminality will be caught and punished is the only way to secure Our society.
    • Border control, the lands belong to everyone. To safe guard through Nations Health and Economy, REQUIRE passing medical exams and restrict benefits for specific time.
    • Free Education: curriculum and environment.
  • Affordable Healthcare: more accessible and Value driven services.

We need a Libertarian minded President, the House Senate and Congress can regulate the treatment of the Civilians.

What is the President’s purpose anyways? We know the Role and the Duties, we don’t know the Purpose

We don’t desire a President to negotiate our needs we have the Governor and State Representatives to fight our battles.  And, we have the Internet to voice Our opinions and concerns.

Technology has changed our lives forever. Every home must generate revenue to increase Gross Domestic Product per capita with only essential products and services. I believe,  China produces more products than we sell more products.

Its such a vicious cycle and a tangled web we weaved.


Happy Budgeting

Sustainable Economics

Scalable transparent systems

Easily accessible services for the Needy

Social Programs and other Resources

Education, curriculum, lunches and transportation

Infrastructure redesign (congested highways, polluted by-ways, street potholes and derailed trains, dysfunctional aircrafts,  unsafe and not environmentally-friendly automobiles)

Cleaner Air and Water

Better Federal and State managed services

Healthy Justice

  • Governors should always be willing to pardon the Rehabilitated offender
  • Non violent criminals should not be in prison They should pay restitution and serve the community.

Smart Negotiations

International agreements or discussion must never lead to WAR. The President must be a Diplomat at all times, leading with diplomacy the entire Presidential term.


Respect is a given, not Earned

—means RESPECT everyone you encounter until they give you a personal reason not to trust or interact with them.

Trust is earned by how the Other person perceives your attitude and actions towards them, and the world in general.

Healthy Children – They are the Future

We must create learning and recreational centers geared for individual success based on performance. A school setting should never have been based on competition in the form of Assessments and Test.

They should only be administered to evaluate a Child’s progress, not achievements.

A child does not have to Master a skill. Until they are developmentally ready. We are all on our own trajectory in life.

Children must be allowed to be children; they only have to grasp concepts and be able perform basic Math calculations and read certain Youth literature. They will learn all else from other Real world experiences, as Adults.

Nowadays, Inner city school children’s reading levels average that of 5th graders; and the comparison must end.

Showing a child how to sound out words and count using tools like their fingers is an essential skill to be mastered.

When children are able to comprehend the basic of linguistics (pronunciation)  and math (add,  subtract,  multiple, and divide) they can thrive in life.

Scholars are born everyday -there will one day come a person that will have know how and positive intent to change Our existence as we know it today. Wait on it, that person is sure to manifest with consistent effort, comprehensive skill set,  and sensible plans.

An Adult masters a skill to dominate an industry or live a happy and productive life. A child doesn’t need to do that quite yet. Children must learn in Adulthood to basically comprehend, pursue research, collectively analyze and organize all essential data gathered, while developing their own systems based on Socio-economic concerns.

Healthy Parenting (Caregiving)

Dont talk at your children. Please don’t scream it only increase the chances for Heart attack or Stroke and children tune us out, selective hearing ensues.

Talk to your children calmly,  like you would to your friend.  If you’re loud and boisterous,  Spot that!

Parenting is a give -and -take phenomenon. Most parents want a child to stay in their place, never to get out of line.  But in reality, like Adults, children do what their brains allow them to do.

Caregivers, including Parents,  are not, nor ever will be, perfect. Children make mistakes like Caregivers make mistakes in nurturing, providing and on the job.

Some Parents, like myself, need to lighten up when Children say or do the darndest things. I am learning what makes a person instinctively react, instead of respond to situations.  to remain conscious of my speech, my words and my actions at all times when interacting with others. During meditation, a person can tune rooting for the immediate surroundings and concentrate on their own existence.

 How to unemotionally interact with Family and Friends

Unless during times of sadness or joy, a friend or family member should not have to concede to anyone’s outlandish behavior due to their interpretation of a situation. Whether the Good Bad or Ugly, acting rooting for is not recommended.

What is “Acting out”?

When you scream at a person in disgust

When you shoot at a person with intent to kill them

When you hit a person with a blunt forced object, a closed fist or open hand across the face.

—Children should not be hit with inanimate objects, it only satisfies the bruised Ego of the Caregiver.

When you ignore a person and haven’t told them what your gripes are that causes mental fatigue and emotional stress.

When you don’t effectively communicate with someone to the point it creates an abundance of misunderstandings and or lowers productivity.

What if Everyone accepted the challenge to Heal Thy World, we would be a more productive people.

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    1. Thank you for reading the post. The post was meant for Self -meaning those reading …I continue to read it over and over again.

      I’m hoping this helps Others as a reminder of what’s best to eat and drink.

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