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H. O. W. TO Community Center located at TBD address,

City of Milwaukee, WI – Commercial property Referendum Heal Our World ™ 2018

Healthy World 2019 Campaign- Cultural Awareness Facility & Operations

Starting with the One in the Mirror helping the Ones less fortunate become educated and dedicated to the Challenge to Heal Our World through wholesome eating and wholehearted decision-making.

The entire campaign is geared around Others helping each Other- know the value of Cultural awareness and acceptance of Cultural diversity.

This Awareness center is Community driven, a true Cultural forum to voice the opinions and display Talents, while developing the skills of those that want to severe the past of it’s negative roots and plant positivity around the Globe.

H. O. W. TO Community Center

Non-profit organization, founded in Milwaukee WI by Lakesha Malone; Board members, facilitators and Sponsors to be established, contingent upon funding.

  • 22 project paid opportunities
  • 100 Volunteers throughout life of project


Humanitarian Rights supersede Constitutional rights. Global equality of Health & Wealth for the masses of people around the world.


Everyone Eets Campaign. Regulated by the EEC commission, Facilitated by In Youth We Trust club

Everyone Sleeps Safely Treasure chest Organized by NVest WIse Realty MPact One Services advocates

Clean up Everything ITAV project

  • Neighborhood alleys, sidewalks and streets
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Substandard Living quarters

Goals & Objectives

Raise several million dollars for a Learning and Recreational facility – Expenses and Operations, Multi-purpose center projected Grand Opening Spring —- 2020.

Community Benefits

1. Explained in detail – Investor’s Report

2. Equality and Justice

3. Receive What’s needed When needed

4. The Community becomes…

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About US

We promote collective living and cooperative giving. Although cooperative living and collective giving works also for our overall theme.

This isn’t about Us- the founders, it’s about Community development by any innovative and effective way necessary.

The most effective way to build up a community is through Community support and consistent effort.

So we ask Everyone reading to take a look at the campaign. Make an informed decision by requesting more information or making a Donation to receive more information and your FREE stock certification, once the Community center is incorporated.

This campaign is meant to raise funds for the facilitation and operational expenses of H.O.W. TO Community Center.

More About This Campaign

A comprehensive plan for Grass Root efforts to end Racism through zero tolerance for Homelessness and Poverty.

As we all know, Global injustices are wide spread- affects all of Us.

Local cooperative efforts is the start of helping others through collective giving. Starting THIS community center will educate the people in very innovative, technology driven ways.

Getting back to the basics with hands on activities and technological support is what THIS community center will promote. The residence will benefit from more resources and paid project opportunities.

Arts & Crafts

Smart Technology

Basic General Education

Advanced Education

Holidays & Special Events

Donate to Receive

FREE ticket to the Community Center – $20 donation

FREE Cultural Diversity T-shirt – $30 donation

FREE Stock certificates with any amount

Email for Investor’s Report

Report explains breakdown of Use of Funds and ROI – “H.O.W. TO Community Center” to lakesha@athealthyworld.com

What Happens Next…

Incorporate H. O. W. TO – Non Profit – Phase 1

  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Negotiate with City of Milwaukee for a facility (pre-selected school site)
  • Hire Staff & Associates
  • Notify Investors of Progress – Phase 1

Host convention for Fundraiser – Phase 2

  • Open center fully furnished and equipped

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