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Uphold City & State referendums
States must be held accountable to uphold all approved Referendums.
H. O. W. TO Cultural Community Center
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Convention Location TBD, City of Milwaukee, WI – 🏫 property Referendum Address

Heal Our World Too™ 2018 

Healthy World 2019 Campaign- Cultural Awareness Facility & Operations Agenda


What is this Convention about?



Table of Contents

Agenda Overview

Introduction – 1st Annual convention

Guest speakers needed

Announce Location

History of Community Centers

Purpose of Community Centers

Benefits of Cultural Awareness

Authentic Collectivism

Cultural Diversity acceptance

Cost of Change

1. Fundraiser effort

2. Investors

3. Paid in Capital

Time scale until Commencement of Operations

Contingent upon funding

Secured Location

Associate & Staff recruitment

Actions Thus far

What’s Next

When is this Convention?

Weekend of March 13th 2019
         2 Day Convention
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