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The day had come for ME to face the fact that my weeping Eyes’ sight, would never come back -20/20 vision impaired.

The dread one feels to know or learn their eyesight is dwindling fast has a psychological impact, whether it takes days,  weeks, months or even years; the lack of ability to see affects not just them but you and Me.

The feeling of dread never goes away One is reminded daily as they awaken in what feels like a haze because nothing comes in clearly anymore when we take off the lenses.

For Me it happened in the 3rd grade, I started squinting.  Everyone said it was bad to squint not informing me it worse to wear corrective lenses.

But in the 4th grade after my Teacher noticed me squinting, Mr Chevoko informed my Mother.  My mother took me to the Eye doctor which confirmed Us, through a series of Eye test my vision was in fact not 20/20.

At the time I didn’t understand 20/20 vision and to this day I don’t know what my vision reads.  I just know in recent years,  36 years later, I’ve come to the conclusion that corrective lenses do not correct your vision.

Only for a short time and only while the lenses are in their proper position, on the face all the time,  is your vision almost 20/20.

Am I going blind?

The dread returned when my Eyesight worsened and my lenses got thicker – “a more powerful lense prescription is required”,   said the Doctor.  It is not recommended by doctors to wear glasses to bed, for an obvious reason: breakage.

So a person with Optical illusions – will never know what it’s like to see anything clearly without their crutch on or when they wake up in the morning.

Unless like I did, defy Drs orders and wear my Corrective lenses to bed. It’s amazing how everything looks so crisp in the morning when I wore my lenses to bed.

Fortunately, I have not been diagnosed with “going blind”, but I’m still sympathetic to those that experience that fate and envious of those that naturally correct their eyesight to 20/20 vision. See how The Couple in this video experienced fate.

I also learned contact lenses woren too long in the eye will cause an eye infection.  I’m not too good with medical terminology and I can’t remember the diagnosis for the life of me.

Finally, I learned that Natural foods can correct your Eyesight over time if you incorporate the essential minerals and nutrients into your daily food consumption.

Research and Development lab

Scientist and Developers have been in the lab putting pen to pad with analysis, after testing with experiments to concoct a formula in the form of a smoothie to help return your eyesight to a natural vision -No More Corrective lenses.

I stumbled upon THIS SITE while surfing the web, to my surprise they use all natural ingredients.

My plans are to try THIS product and give a review.  If anyone tries the product before I do or has used the product, after watching this video then please leave a comment with any testimonial describing the products effectiveness or ineffectiveness.

If it doesn’t work I will research the effectiveness of incorporating all the smoothies ingredients into my daily intake.  Substitute food for foreign cuisine will also be analyzed to address Cost concerns.

Disclaimer: I am not an Affiliate marketer of THIS product.  I just believe Everyone with less than 20/20 vision should use a natural remedy to correct their vision.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Eyesight by Lakesha M Malone

  1. Great post love your feedback and review thanks for sharing. this is really insightful love this i think i will recommend to all my friends who are ever in need for this solution. Thank you so much for your honest and thoughtful review and feedback. When will your next post be coming out?

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      I was amazed when I saw the video and it all made sense that food can correct your vision. It takes the right blend of food- consumption of food to really make a difference. Thank you for reading.

      I try to post once a week, I currently have six Articles started all about health. 

      Don’t forget to Mentally say yes to the challenges on my website, and then actively pursue them. Lakesha

  2. Wow, i like this review. It has been a year that i suffer from weeping eye and itching eye. I went to the eye doctor and prescribed me ” Gentamicin and pheniramine maleate”

    Still now ,i still have the same problem and i didn’t know what to do until i find this post. Please if you find this product useful send me the link where i can buy it because i am in much pain.

    Waiting for your findings

    1. Thank you for the comment, as I have not tried it yet and you shouldn’t be in pain if you don’t have to. 

      There is a link within the webpage labeled “Watch this video of a Couple…”. It only cost $37 for a shipment not sure what’s included. My eyesight is bad but there is no pain, scenery is just blurry and.has been that way since about 3rd grade. 

      Hope this helps us, Lakesha

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